This Girl Can Writing Competition: Inspiring Women in Sport

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Well done to Aaliyah from Winterbourne Junior Girls' School, winner of the Croydon SSP writing competition for her incredible inspirational essay on Nicola Adams.

As part of the Sport England THIS GIRL CAN campaign, Croydon SSP aim to empower women and girls in sport. We ran our competition to raise awareness of this campaign and the importance of sport in the lives of women and girls. The challenge was to come up with a narrative essay titled 'This Girl Can', choosing an athlete that most inspires the writer from a listed provided. 

The winning entry: Aaliyah, Winterbourne Junior Girls' School

Nicola Adams is an incredibly good British boxer … She worked hard and she set a goal and she also made sure that it was achieved. This reflect on other young people such as Myself and this will also motivate people to start trying new things, sport or hobbies and seeing what the outcome will be, and how good they are if they are passionate about it….My hope is for people to stick to their goal.

Second place: Lenka, Harris Primary Academy Benson

Racing can be tough. Once, when I was really ill, I felt so poorly, I made a bed out of my towels and lay down on the poolside. Now, I don’t know what Rebecca Aldington would have done, but I wanted to go home! I was going to tell the coach but I thought come on it’s just 50m freestyle, you can do it, rest tomorrow, I just went for it! …. When racing, I think to myself today might be my day, my race,. Today I might swim perfectly, I might be first off the block, to turn tight and swift. I might hold my breath that a bit Longer; kick that bit faster create the least resistance; I might win!! 

Third Place: Sommaya, Winterbourne Junior Girls' School

I believe I can achieve being a doctor by putting all my effort in my training just like Jessica Ennis Hill and I can also achieve it by not giving up and always trying challenging stuff and that I will one day get there. 

Highly Commended: Carian, Winterbourne Junior Girls' School

Nicola Adams inspires me because she had the courage to go and train for her dream. To get to your dream tacks a lot of hard work and courage to do it. So she inspire me to all ways try my best. Always work hard, have courage and believe in myself. I believe I can do whatever I want without people making fun of me… It proves to me that girls and women can do anything want to and do it well.